The Company

Alupka Asset Management is an Idaho registered investment advisor. Our mission is to preserve and grow our clients' capital in order to help them build a solid foundation for their future and retirement. The company was established in the fall of 2000 in San Francisco. The firm’s headquarters moved to Driggs, ID in January 2020. Alupka Asset Management specializes in the construction of tax efficient, growth and income portfolios. Preservation of capital drives all investment decisions. As an independent advisor, we are free to use any resources to help further out clients' interests. We supervise portfolios for wealthy individuals, trusts, pension plans, profit sharing plans, custodian accounts, UGMAs, international accounts and a full range of retirement accounts.


The Palace of Alupka was built in the late 19th century on the south coast of the Crimean peninsula in Southern Russia. The palace was commissioned by Prince Mikhail Vorontsov, a direct relative of Nicholas C. Besobrasow, the founder of Alupka Asset Management. Nick’s grandmother was sent to this estate for safety during the Russian Revolution. The name, Alupka Asset Management, was selected in order to underscore the founder’s conservative and fortress-like mentality regarding wealth management.